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The Adler Family Genealogy

Adlers After the Immigration to America

Beginning with Kaspar Adler and going through the first few generations, below are the first Adlers to immigrate to the USA. Click an underlined name to download a more in-depth genealogy of that family line.

Mathias Adler (b. 1825) 

& Margaretha Knapp

Juliana Adler (b. 1831)

& Theodore Witt

Nicholas Adler (b. 1836)

& Margaret Steckler


Catharine 'Kate' (1863-1937)

Margaret (1864-1930)

Andress (1865-before 1880)

Emma (1870-before 1880)

Adlers Before the Immigration to America

The Adlers have a long history. Click here for a complete family tree of the German Adlers.

Or, click the names below to see the histories of Adlers in the German homeland.

C. 1670-1724




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