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  • John Adler

Thanksgiving Letter


Today I sent out 120 packets of invitations, welcome letters, and initial family lineages to our relatives that do not have email, 15 pages in each packet, by first class mail. I am hoping they arrive before Thanksgiving Day. I did not include everyone’s children in this mailing because it will be easier (and cheaper) for everyone to receive them by email.

Tomorrow I will begin to send out a series of emails to the 160 addresses I have to date.

That includes all of you on the Reunion Committee. I expect that number to triple as responses and RSVPs are compiled. These initial emails will be the same information I sent out by mail today. Please download and save them in your computers and print them off to share with all relatives and friends who are interested.

I think you will all be favorably impressed by what we have accomplished to date! You will notice that some family lines are more complete than others. As time goes on, my nephew, Paul Adler, and I will do our best to complete the lines all the way down to the great-great-great-great grandchildren of Kasper Adler. So you might as well start working on all your lines now because I’ll be bugging you again after the first of the year.

We hope to have it completed by the reunion but cannot finish it without your help.

Good news lately is that I had a fine conversation with John Harns in Idaho. He is the grandson of Henry and Verona Adler and will provide more information on Henry’s line.

Bad news is that the Mary Adler line needs a lot of work yet. That will be my next mission.

We still are waiting for more information on the Mathias Adler line. Paul has done a remarkable job finding the lines we believe to have died out. But we are awaiting the completion of the descendants of Mathias’ son, George P. Adler.

Finally, the exciting news is that my daughter Natalie, Paul, and I are designing a website that will make all the information readily available to all generations. The prototype is under construction and we hope to have it ready as a Christmas present to the family. This will be especially important for the younger generations.

You can look forward to receiving periodic historical vignettes as we discover more about the family history. I’ve written 25 to date and they will really complement the genealogies of each line. These narratives are not for publication because I have borrowed, stolen, copied, plagiarized, and purloined info from many sources...

I can’t thank you all enough for all the help and good wishes you have provided to me in this huge endeavor.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 from the Cincinnati Adlers! You’ll be hearing from me soon!

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