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The Steckler Family Stained Glass Window at Saint James Church in Haubstadt

Steckler Family stained glass window

The Adam Steckler family can be thanked for their contribution of the window that shows us the crowning of Mary.

Adam and his wife Veronica (Fehrenbacher) Steckler lived on a farm on Adler Road. Harold and Laura Steckler live there today. Family accounts tell us that the bottom land was all in timber. When the land was cleared there was only a market for the white oak, that was used to build barns, so the remaining lumber was put on a pile and burned.

The union of Adam and Veronica was blessed with nine children: John, Frank, Joseph, Margaret, Eva, Katherine, Appolonia, Henry, and Andrew.

A grandson of Adam’s, Ed Steckler, tells us that his dad, Henry, and the rest of the family helped haul brick from the Haubstadt brickyard for the church steeple built in 1896, and for the school built in 1909. Ed also tells us that it was actually Adam’s brother, John, who donated the money for the window. John did not wish to have his name on the window and felt it would be best that Adam’s family name should be placed on the window.

Four grandsons (of Adam and Veronica Steckler), Edward, Joseph, Harold, and Don

Steckler are members of St. James parish.

-Source unknown c. 1995

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